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10 Things Every Pakistani KnowsToo Well About 14th August

10 Things Every Pakistani KnowsToo Well About 14th August ‘Choda August’, aka Independence Day, aka Youm-e-Azadi is celebrated every year on the 14th of August for Pakistanis and is one of their many beloved national holidays. Not familiar with what Pakistan celebrates? Well Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah worked pretty hard to give Muslims and others who wanted to move to a sovereign and independent Pakistan, which ended the British Raj.   Despite all the hardships, 70 years later, Pakistanis living in the motherland, from Karachi to Peshawar, and Pakistanis living all around the world, get together to celebrate it on one day (unlike Eid lol).   So here are 14 things that Pakistanis experience on 14th of August:   1....

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What is your Objective? Second Jummah Khutbah - 29/03/2019

Brothers in Islam Allah SWT says in the Quran ‘O you who believe fear Allah in the true form that he must be feared and do not allow yourself to die except in the state of proper iman and faith. O you who believe fear Allah and do not allow your tongues to say anything but the truth, if you do so Allah will forgive your sin, raise your status and whoever obeys Allah and his messenger then they have truly succeeded a great success.

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