Top 6 People I'd Love to Interview

Top 6 People I’d love to Interview


First off, why would anyone want to interview anyone else? Well this is I’m sure different strokes for different folks however the way that I see it, these are people that I vibe off of. These are people that when I see what they’ve created or I’ve heard what they’ve said whenever they’re in front of the camera, I know that it’s something that resonates with me and I’d love to get to know these people better. Also, I’m sure that you guys would also love to know more about them and see an interview we do with them.



  • Farrukh Ershad. In at number 1 is someone that I have a lot of respect for, purely based off of his work and the few times I’ve seen him on various YouTube vlogs. Farrukh Ershad is the founder and creative director for 5ivepillars, a contemporary western streetwear brand with an eastern influence. He runs multiple fashion businesses and I keep seeing either his name or one of his products popping up on my timeline or in vlogs that I watch. What I like most about his work is his subtle and elegant style that carries through his portfolio.


  • Steve Harvey. If there was someone that inspires me more than anyone else alive right now, it’s Steve Harvey. I think every has seen something that he has either been on or starred in. A legend in the entertainment industry and more specifically in the comedy arena. Not someone who you would think of first for an interview, I’m sure. However, his talks have inspired me and carried me to the next stage every single time I hear him talk so passionately about his own journey. His success strategy is simple – Ask God so that he can respond to you! And don’t put limits on Him because of your own mental limitations.



  • Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t a fan of whatever he was doing. From the early days of Bad Boy records, he grabbed my attention with his over the top music videos and wild music productions which you can truly call ‘classic’. The culture of hip hop is synonymous with Diddy and vice versa. I respect him because of his passion to his craft and towards a constant strive towards excellence (#BlackExcellence). When you look back at his journey, you can see quite simply where his success came from: relentless belief in himself and a relentless attitude towards releasing high quality content.


  • Will Smith. A man who in most parts of the world, you don’t need to explain who he is or where he has come from. A true inspiration to millions of people around the world. His recent YouTube vlog series (@WillSmith) has 766k subscribers which he started only 2 months ago (December 2017). With some video attracting over 1m views in only a few weeks. He is someone who has influenced me from an early age. I was mesmorised by songs such as ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ and also felt a kindred spirit with ‘Parent’s just don’t understand’.


  • Jack Ma. Co-founder and Executive Chairman of the Alibaba Group. A visionary who’s every move today seems like perfection. Brining the Chinese economy on to the internet and easing international trading. He’s a huge inspiration for me and his talks are definitely going to last the test of time. He speaks about his business in terms of 100s of years, rather than short term goals and setbacks.



  • Prince AlWaleed Bin Talal. The wealthiest of the Saudi. With a net worth of over $21bn he is sometimes referred to as the Arab Warren Buffet. I saw him appear on the news several times before seeing the Riz Khan documentary on him. He has more energy than any one else and is so driven to win.


Originally, this was a Top 5 post – I’m sure you must’ve thought, why 6? – however, I had to put down Prince AlWaleed on this list too. I’m sure there are a myriad of others who, at a different time would be in the top 5 or 6, though these are the people that I feel most inclined towards.


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