What is ‘risk’ and what can it give you more of?

What is ‘risk’ and what can it give you more of? 


Let’s define risk. Risk allows you to gain something or lose something of value. There are all kinds of risks involved in living a life and taking actions, but the one we will focus on in this post is about money.  


First, let’s look at the highest level of risk. If you were to ask yourself, “What is the highest level of risk?”, chances are high it will not be what you currently think it is. Go ahead, give it a try. Don’t read any further, spent the next 60 seconds to really think about it. 










Now write your answer down. Only people who have actually written down what they think is the highest level of risk are going to get the rest of the post. The highest level of risk is when you do nothing. Not taking action at all is the highest level of risk. 


You might be thinking, “What do I need to act on?” The biggest growth comes from taking advantage of the right opportunities but when you take ‘no action’, your loss in terms of money and opportunity cost is unbearable.   


I’m certain there is uncertainty.


There is no doubt uncertainty exists, and there is power in it. If everything was certain, life would be boring. Just like being brave is not being never afraid. Being brave is actually taking the right actions in the presence of fear. Risk is a consequence of action taken in spite of uncertainty by looking into whatever you need to but in a right way.   


Our way of looking at ‘risk’ 


The Element of Tawakkul (Reliance) 


Umar said, “I heard the Messenger of Allah ? say, ‘If you were to rely on Allah as He should be relied on, He would provide for you as He provides for the birds. They go out early in the morning hungry and return in the evening full.” [Al-Tirmidhi, 2344] Even the birds understand Allah will provide as long as they go out there and take action.   


If this was not the case, how would a pregnant woman be able to shake the trunk of a palm tree to make dates fall? She could have been provided with the dates without doing any action. From this incident we can understand, if we want dates in life, we have got to take actions regardless of our situation.  


We must examine choices at an individual level, with and without our environmental DNA, to not only manage but use risk based on strategic choices. We need to anchor our choices in strategy formulation to reduce slippage. Your choice at a personal and professional level determines the outcome, but your understanding of what risk really is allows you to alter the result in your favour.   


You look at green while I may look at red


Risk takes shape based on who is interacting with it. For example, a man who doesn’t know how to swim jumps in the water in the middle of the sea. Immediately your environmental DNA is thinking ‘Death!’ It is creating imagery of the man drowning, gasping for air. Then the presenter shows you what is happening. This guy is on a luxury cruise-ship jumping in the water hip-high, to enjoy the sun. No life-death situation at all! Your mind automatically thought of a life and death situation because you have trained it to make a final decision without having full information. Jumping to conclusions without looking at the whole scenario has lots of slippages. Why some people do better than others is because they have learnt to use risk as a fuel and not as a limiting factor to enhance life.  


Here is my outlook on risk


Have you ever wondered the correlation between Risk and Rizq? It is so apparent, yet we don’t look at it like this. Our ability to earn (rizq) and the future is associated with taking actions (risk).  


Risk is directly joined with Rizq


If it wasn’t, birds would not have to leave their nest. They fly out so they can get ‘rizq’. We would not have to get educated, find jobs or businesses if we were not in search of ‘rizq’. 


Even the so-called financial advisors ask you, “What is your appetite for risk?” and then tell you what you possibly could make (rizq). This is what they use to gain advantage for themselves, their employers and everyone involved in the entire chain. Once they know your risk tolerance, they offer you 100% protection on your principal amount.  What a wonderful deal for them! They just borrowed money from you for the entire year or whatever the period maybe at a 0%. Since your tolerance of risk was 0% on your principal, your ‘rizq’ from it could very well be 0% also (not talking about interest but profits here). 


The richest man in the graveyard, Steve Jobs, once said, "Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me … Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful… that’s what matters to me.” 


Allah is Ar-Razzaq


It is ‘what matters to me’.  We need to take actions towards it in the presence of risk, and we need to fully believe that Allah is Ar-Razzaq, the Sole Provider. As long as we take actions, collective actions, and take calculated risk (whatever that means) our ‘rizq’ IA can only increase. Every time you think of risk, look at the opportunity of ‘rizq’.  


You’ve already learnt about the purpose of fear in the last post and the power of dreams in the post before that. Now you know what the purpose of risk is.  


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Note :  Highest level of Risk is “Not taking action” and it applies to all aspects of life, health, money and the real destination Jannah.

All the good is from Allah and all the shortcomings are from me.


- Written by Rocky Mirza

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