Rizq Podcast #007 - Adnan Ebrahim - Selling 1st business at 18, Starting Car Throttle from Uni

In this episode of The Rizq Podcast we're joined by CEO and Founder of Car Throttle.

Car Throttle was started in 2009 after founder Adnan Ebrahim realised there was no online platform for people like him: young, millennial car enthusiasts.

Dubbed ‘Buzzfeed for cars’, the site quickly evolved into a vibrant community serving millions of users - called CTzens - who follow the brand on its apps and major social media platforms.

Car Throttle by the numbers: 200 million car enthusiasts reached every month 500 million video views per month 7 million Facebook fans across our network 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube 74% of our traffic is social 70% of our users are mobile 20 employees in London and New York.

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