Rizq Podcast Ep #015 Aleem Butt | From College Dropout to Making £1M Per Month at 26 Yrs Old!

Episode 15 of The Rizq Podcast features Aleem Butt, a hugely successful entrepreneur making over £1m per month at the age of only 26!

Aleem talks about his journey to how he got to where he is now and what his attitude has always been when it has come to money.

Learn how he grew his business from nothing to what it is now, directly from the man himself.

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  • Moheen Raja

    Asalaammu alaikum,

    InshAllah this message reaches you in the best of health and wellbeing, i have just stumbled upon your podcast, just from an initial glance i love the concept, the structure, speakers and above all the nature of the topics.

    I am a newly qualified doctor working in the NHS, i cherish my travel to and from work as it gives me uninterrupted time to listen and appreciate quality podcasts.

    Curiosity led me to your website which i am equally amazed at, i pray Allah increase your business in success and barakah. I have just listened to your podcast with Aleem Butt, a gentleman who prior to your podcast i had no knowledge of.

    I have the tendency to shy away from social media, and rarely come across many genuinely influential accounts, but i am glad your platform exists to bring light to valuable members of our community.

    I was hoping that you could relay my credentials to Aleem as i would like to diversify my streams of revenue and if there is a chance i would appreciate a few brief words of guidance.

    I hope to cycle through the remainder of your podcasts and offer support to the best of my ability. May Allah watch over your steps and give you a blessed completion of this Ramadan and a very prosperous future inshAllah Ameen.

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