Rizq Podcast Ep #016 Abdul Hakim [Sunnah Remedies] | HEALTH, WEALTH, RAMADAN DIET & EXERCISE ADVICE

Episode 16 of The Rizq Podcast features Abdul Hakim, founder of Sunnah Remedies - a wholistic hijama practice based in London.

Abdul Hakim has been a hijama practitioner for over 6 years and has given hijama therapy to athletes including Anthony Joshua (Boxing World Heavyweight Champion), Ottoman Azzaitar (UFC) and Abu Azzaitar (UFC)

In this episode Abdul Hakim talks about his background and how his clinic started and the importance of approaching hijama from a holistic approach for each particular individual.

He discusses the importance of Ramadan and in a new format to the podcast we took questions from our audience where he responded with his answers. Questions including training during Ramadan, best foods for suhoor and iftar, hijama advice, the connection between diet and mental health.

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