Rizq Podcast #003 - Abrar Hussain - Journey to One Day in the Haram, Making One Night in Al Aqsa

Episode #003 of the Rizq podcast is with the very talented and humble Abrar Hussain.

Abrar is the Creative Director of Red Face Films and the award winning director of One Day in the Haram.

He's currently on his UK wide tour of One Night in Al Aqsa where he applies his unique documentary filmmaking style to life in Al Aqsa on the holiest of nights for Muslims - Laylatul Qadr.

In this episode Abrar talks about his upbringing as a budding young filmmaker, his journey to making One Day in the Haram and his experience creating the awe inspiring One Night in Al Aqsa.

If you haven't seen it yet, you can still get tickets to their shows nationwide.

If you live abroad, dont worry, the tour continues with Australia, South Africa and Canada already confirmed.

You can watch One Day in the Haram on Amazon Prime Video now and you can get tickets for One Night in Al Aqsa on the Pennyappeal website: https://pennyappeal.org/event/one-nig...

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